Bear Soup #52: on-set @ Bear City; Bowe interview; BoB2 review

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Published on: September 7, 2009

Bear Soup Podcast, with Ron SureshaBear Soup #52 tonight

Bear Soup podcast, episode #52, streams online tonight, Monday, September 7th, at 10:00pm Eastern & Pacific on Repeats on Wednesday, same times. Bon appetit!

wolfbear badge
"Hello, my name is WOLF BEAR"

Fresh ursine cinema action on Bear Soup this week:

  • My debut (“Hello! My Name Is Wolfbear”) as an extra for Bear City, the movie; meeting the director and writer Doug Langway; and bear-cinema aficionado / exec producer Lewis Tice. Look for Bear City out in 2010! More on this next show too!
  • An interview with filmmaker Kevin Bowe (A Bear’s Story), one of five new interviews in BoB2
  • A fine review of Bears on Bears, revised edition, by polarbear Wayne Courtois, in “Out in Print
  • Appearances: I AM Festival in New London Saturday, Sept. 12th; Celebrate Bisexuality Day in Boston Sept. 24th.
  • Shoutouts!

There’s room in the tub for everybear, everycub, whatever, whomever . . . so just drop trou and drop in for a brand new BEAR SOUP!

Bear Soup is sponsored by our buds at Bear Bones Books.
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