Bear Soup # 7: Chest-hair insurance; IBR 2005: dinner with Chris Nelson; screening of “Bear Cub”; PAWS reading; Kinsey Sicks.

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Published on: April 21, 2005

In this episode of Bear Soup:

  • Chest-hair insurance
  • IBR 2005: dinner with Chris Nelson, ex-boyfriend, and cofounder and photographer of Bear magazine
  • film screening at IBR of “Bear Cub (Cachorro),” a Spanish film by bear director Miguel Albaladejo, and a movie review
  • PAWS reading, including readings by bear authors Jeff Mann, Joel Perry, Simon Sheppard, Raymond Luczac, performance artist Alan Reade, and Barth Cox’s short film, “Asking to See the Soul”
  • a fabulous performance by dragapella musicians The Kinsey Sicks.
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