Bear Soup 91: Jeff Mann’s new novel, Fog

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Published on: August 15, 2011
Bear Soup podcast

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Bear Soup #91

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Fog, by Jeff Mann

In the 91st podcast of Bear Soup:

  • The first three chapters from Jeff Mann’s new book, Fog: a novel of desire and reprisal.””Outside an isolated cabin, winter fog caresses spruce trees. Inside, two men, lovers, have enacted a plan of revenge, kidnapping the handsome son of the man who wronged one of them. Al, the accomplice, has stalked Rob for weeks, and his infatuation for the young man has grown deeper than he ever anticipated. So much so that he finds himself drawn to protect Rob from the rage and vengeance burning away his partner Jay’s insides. Caring for their bound and gagged captive,with each passing day Al finds his power over Rob a potent and irresistible aphrodisiac and his heart dangerously moved. But Jay has no intention of ever allowing the young man to escape.”

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